name="description" content="Gena Berry: Food stylist, recipe developer and tester, culinary event manager" />
Culinary Works
Taste of the NFL at Tropicana Field
Taste of the NFL® Super Bowl Event: Setting up at Tropicana Field-
Gena has served as the Chef Coordinator for 15 Taste of the NFL® Super Bowl Events
Dinner Impossible
NBA® Cares & Cooks 2009 was featured on Food Network's Dinner Impossible.
Gena Berry serves as the Chef Coordinator for the event.
Georgia Organics Conference
2009 Georgia Organics Conference Celebration Dinner, 1,000 people attended to hear author Michael Pollan speak. Gena Berry managed the 3 day conference including the 20 course dinner produced from local ingredients by local chefs.
Uncle Ben's Kid's Cafe
Gena Berry & Virginia Willis as Uncle Ben's celebrates the opening of the Kid's Cafe in Albany, GA

"If it involves food, you want Gena. She can do anything: a dinner for 5,000, producing a TV show, developing recipes, putting on customer-attracting trade show presentations. She is a master organizer, and gets it done first class and fast. Gena has done favors for and helped so many people in the food world that there is literally an army of chefs, food writers, equipment manufacturers, food distributors, stylists, photographers, all kinds of food professionals who are thrilled to help her with any project."
Shirley Corriher, TV personality, Food Scientist and author of "Cookwise"

"Thank you for working miracles in New Orleans . When we get in a jam, can we call you to wave your magic wand? made the food happen".
Chef Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo , Chicago

"Your attention to detail and overall planning skills were a tremendous asset as we opened our new facility. Thanks for all you do."
Jan Walters, Insperience Studio by Whirlpool Kitchen Aid, Atlanta

"This one is making me hungry, you're amazing at what you do!"
Suzanne Hardy, Edelman Public Relations